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Invitation to volunteers and volunteering organizers – fill out questionnaires about volunteering! It’s important!

Give about 10 minutes of your time to this, and fill out the questionnaires (Project co-financed by ESF (https://www.rijeka.hr/gradska-uprava/eu-projekti/aktualni-projekti/radius-v/)) Share it with your friends and organizations. 1. For the organizers of volunteering: Survey of social needs – questionnaire for organizers of volunteering: Promotion and visibility of volunteering in society The aim of this questionnaire is to […]


Invitation to employers – PROMOHOTEL fair – POREČ, Wednesday, February 22, 2023. 13:00 education/employment of persons with disabilities

We are back with our favorite subject – employment of PWD (Persons with Disabilities)! Employers, we invite you to put your questions forward right on the spot, regarding all the ways in which persons with disabilities can be good (co)workers! You can register for lectures/educations at: https://app.core-event.co/events/promohotel-zaposljavanje-osoba-s-invaliditetom-edukosi-turizam-6150/register The team from the DIP, which has been […]


PROMOHOTEL Poreč, 22.2.2023. at 13:00, ESF – EDUKOSI.TURIZAM DIP invites employers

DIP invites employers to free education EMPLOYMENT OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES (PWD) AS A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS It was great at the PROMOHOTEL fair, see how it went: https://youtu.be/ddp3rQK6CmI https://www.poup.hr/novosti/novosti/poziv-na-besplatne-edukacije-za-poslodavce/ OBJECTIVE: to inform employers about their rights and possibilities when employing PWDs; sensitize and promote inclusion of PWDs in the labor market. PARTICIPATING: experts from the […]


Invitation to the “active three” – participate in the Academy of active(s) in the community!

For the fifth year in a row, the Foundation for Encouraging Partnership and Development of Civil Society has been organizing the Academy of active(s) in the community, under the auspices of the National Foundation for the Development of Civil Society, as part of the Active(s) in the Community program. The Academy of active(s) in the […]


We are working on improving www.dip.hr!

We inform you that we are editing our website, www.dip.hr, and that some content is temporarily unavailable. Be patient for just a little bit more, and “everything will fall into place”.


Become a member

Do you want to be part of the changes in your community or beyond? Do you want to create a “community that cares” with us? SEC members are people who have shared their knowledge and experience with other dear people who want to support our goals, which are improving the lives of marginalized groups and realizing human rights in a just and inclusive society. Do you want to contribute to the prevention of marginalization and social exclusion of groups of citizens who need support? Each of us may need support at times, which is why we are here, and our mission is to provide social support to those who need it! Become a member and take responsibility for the changes! Regarding privacy protection, confirm that at the end of GDPR consent https://dip.hr/gdpr/

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If you want to participate in our activities, do more as an individual and make your knowledge and experience available to the community, apply and volunteer at the DIP!

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Udomljavanjem naših ukrasno-uporabnih predmeta sudjelujete u provedbi naših programa za mlade s teškoćama u razvoju i psihosocijalnom funkcioniranju. Mi ćemo vam zato pokloniti jedan ili više predemeta koje smo sami napravili.

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