DIP GREEN: “Day 4”

Are you also one of those people who like to spend a rainy day at home in front of the TV? We don’t know about you, but our DIP members definitely didn’t spend yesterday in idleness. DIP GREEN was back again working on the field! Yesterday, we continued working on our project so our volunteers […]


DIP GREEN: “Day 3”

In case you’ve come across some dirt on the ground in the city, don’t worry – a little gardening workshop took place just around the corner from HNK. You’re wondering which one? It’s the DIP GREEN project, of course! Instead of planting in our garden in Viškovo, we moved to our DIP space, which was […]


DIP GREEN: “Day 2”

It’s a sunny Wednesday. The temperature is +20°C and you might be wondering where we’re at? We’re working again on our eco garden in Viškovo. No, we didn’t spend this sunny spring day in one of Rijeka’s cafés. We were absorbing vitamin D, while working on maintaining our garden, which is part of the DIP […]


DIP GREEN: “Day 1”

We really got down to work today! We have done everything that was planned out and our eco garden already looks completely different and more prosperous. Our young volunteers, actually, Youth Workers, DIP’s Youth Club that acted as the working force and technical service, our DIP members and their mothers gathered today and joined their forces […]



“Put your gloves on, and your old trainers too. Don’t forget your tools, Viškovo is waiting for you. Read on and see why that may be.”   SMART – association for civil society development is participating in the implementation of Erasmus+ project EDUVOL – Volunteering as an Educational Opportunity. The project is financed by Erasmus+ […]


Preparations for the first Colony of Kvarner and exhibitions catalogue

Yes, the preparations for the Colony have started. The catalogue from the exhibition of Croatian comic and illustration authors, that was held at Exportdrvo during November and December of 2020, is being prepared. We can’t wait for our next encounter! Thank you PartnerRi for the support!


Gardening workshop

Today the DIP members worked in the eco garden in Viškovo. We cleaned up, mowed, pruned, dug, planted, but also enjoyed the sun and the good company. Well done everyone! You were great!   For photos, click here: https://dip.hr/vrtna-radionica/


Become a member

Do you want to be part of the changes in your community or beyond? Do you want to create a “community that cares” with us? SEC members are people who have shared their knowledge and experience with other dear people who want to support our goals, which are improving the lives of marginalized groups and realizing human rights in a just and inclusive society. Do you want to contribute to the prevention of marginalization and social exclusion of groups of citizens who need support? Each of us may need support at times, which is why we are here, and our mission is to provide social support to those who need it! Become a member and take responsibility for the changes! Regarding privacy protection, confirm that at the end of GDPR consent https://dip.hr/gdpr/

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If you want to participate in our activities, do more as an individual and make your knowledge and experience available to the community, apply and volunteer at the DIP!

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