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The Second Kvarner Colony of Authors’ Comics and Illustrations

The Second Kvarner Colony of Authors’ Comics and Illustrations

The Second Kvarner Colony of Authors’ Comics and Illustrations

Vol. 2. 2022 https://dip.hr/programi/druga-kvarnerska-kolonija-autorskog-stripa-i-ilustracije/

Activities in 2022:

  1. The Exhibition of works by authors participating in the 2nd colony, in the SCC Gallery

Kanal Ri, March 26th, 2022, https://youtu.be/cYCTwcyJNSk?t=939, 12:39 min

Novi list, March 19th 2022, https://www.novilist.hr/ostalo/kultura/izlozbe/kvarnerska-kolonija-stripa-i-ilustracije-pocinje-u-utorak-u-galeriji-studentskog-kulturnog-centra/

  1. The Colony/meeting of male and female authors

Moja Rijeka, April 6th, 2022.


KanalRi, Dnevnik, April 6th, 2022 at 6 pm, 17 min.


  1. Exhibition of works created in the 1st and 2nd colonies in Exportdrvo, link: https://dip.hr/poziv-za-cetvrtak-8-12-2022-u-1900-sati-u-exportdrvu-na-otvaranje -exhibitions-of-works-created-at-1-and-2-Kvarner-colony-author’s-comics-and-illustrations/
  2. 24-hour comic book drawing competition link: https://dip.hr/24-satno-crtanje-stripa/




MATIJA PISAČIĆ, Sesvete, Zagreb, http://www.hfs.hr/autori_detail.aspx?sif=256

IVAN MARUŠIĆ, Split, http://www.mojstrip.com/autori/ivan-marusic

IVANA GEČEK, Varaždin, https://www.artstation.com/ivana_gecek

STJEPAN BARTOLIĆ, Zagreb, https://zagrebcomiccon.com/uncategorized/stef-bartolic/

IVAN SVAGUŠA Split, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIFEEJ3_8Kk

ANAMARIJA KVAS, Zagreb, https://www.instagram.com/kvasanamarija/?hl=hr

MIHAELA ERCEG, Split, https://hr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mihaela_Erceg

And our local artists from the PGC:

IVAN MIŠKOVIĆ, Rijeka, https://hr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivan_Mišković

DAMIR STEINFL, Opatija https://damirsteinfl.blogspot.com

DAMIR STOJNIĆ, Rijeka, https://apuri.hr/stranica/3-stojnic-damir/

and guest students Akademija Primjenjenih Umjetnosti U Rijeci

Sveučilište u Rijeci / University of Rijeka


November/December 2022. At the end of November 2022, we are preparing/setting up an exhibition of works from the 1st and 2nd Kvarner Colony. More than 100 works by authors who participated in the work of this unique colony are being prepared.

Thanks to the support of the Primorsko-goranska County, the City of Rijeka and the City of Opatija, as well as the PartneRI Business Club, we have been able to hold more events that promote author’s work since 2020. Comics provide a good platform for the development of creative industries, but we have also created a home for creation by the best Croatian authors in the field of original comics and illustration. We will soon have the exact opening date of the exhibition, and we are very happy that the exhibition will be set up in the premises of Exportdrvo Rijeka, where it all began in 2020. The next one, the 3rd Kvarner Colony, is being prepared for 2023, as well as the launch of the first Rijeka comic book. See you in Exportdrvo!

From Thursday, April 7th, to Sunday, April 10th, 2022, both male and female authors create new works, give encouragement to each other, strengthen author comics and illustrations, motivate, especially young people, to work in this field, attract the audience, support the development of the creative industry. Rijeka is once again host to authors of original comics and illustrations from all over Croatia.

On Thursday, April 7th, 2022, the authors are coming to Rijeka, so the DIP, Rijeka, and the Primorsko-goranska County will be a gathering place for masters of comics and illustrations. After the public was able to get to know the authors from the last Colony, from their drawings at the exhibition in the SCC Gallery, now all of them, along with the new participants of the Colony, are coming to us once again. DIP will thus be a place where authors will have the opportunity to create new drawings together, exchange experiences, techniques, learn from each other, support younger people and connect live. The results of such artistic events have multiple effects: new works of art are created, authors connect and plan new projects, “sharp” techniques, verify their own work with others. This year too, we tried to invite both male and female authors, in order to strengthen our horizontal goals, the gender equality in this area as much as possible, so we have 3 female and 4 male authors coming as guests from Zagreb, Varaždin, Split and Rijeka.

March 2022

On Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022, we opened the Second Kvarner colony of author comics and illustrations. At the exhibition, you can see the works of authors who participated in the First Colony, until March 30th, 2022, from 5 to 8 pm, in the Gallery of the Student Cultural Center (SCC) UNIRI, at Kružna 8, in Rijeka.

Thank you to everyone who supports the authors’ comics and illustrations; thank you also to the many young people who came to the opening, and to the authors whose works are exhibited: Damir Steinfl, who is also the artistic director, Damir Stojnić, Korina Hunjak and Antonio Filipović. In addition to them, 7 other authors are exhibiting. The program of the Second Kvarner colony of authors’ comics and illustrations is co-financed by the Primorsko-goranska County and the DIP. From April 7th to 10th, the continuation follows, the joint work of authors in DIP, Wenzelova 2, as well as the creation of new works. In October, we are planning a new exhibition, where the works created in the first and second Colonies will be presented.



Press: 2022

December 8th to 22nd, 2022 – Exhibition of works created in the First and Second Kvarner colony of authors’ comics and illustrations

Novi list, December 9th, 2022 https://www.novilist.hr/ostalo/kultura/izlozba-radova-kvarnerska-kolonija-autorskog-stripa-i-ilustracije/

Portal Comic News: https://www.stripvesti.com

Portal Moja Rijeka, https://www.mojarijeka.hr/kalendar/izlozba-radova-s-kvarnerskih-kolonija-autorskog-stripa-i-ilustracije-u-rijeci/  Facebook page of the Colony: https://www.facebook.com/Kvarnerska-kolonija-autorskog-stripa-i-ilustracije-102812631635828facebookgrupa – Comic book lovers https://www.facebook.com/groups/160436340746760

April 6th 2022 – announcement of the meeting of the authors – the Colony, from April 7th to 10th, 2022

Press conference announcement: The meeting was announced by the media and we thank them for supporting the Colony of authors’ comics and illustrations:

Moja Rijeka, April 6th, 2022

Strip crtači iz cijele Hrvatske na drugoj Kvarnerskoj koloniji autorskog stripa i ilustracije


  1. KanalRi, Dnevnik, April 6th, 2022, at 6 pm, 17 min.


  1. Teklić, April 6th, 2022

https://www.teklic.hr/event/kultura/sutra-zapocinje-kvarnerska-kolonija-autorskog-stripa-i-ilustracije-zanimanje-za-strip-scenu-pomice-rijeku-i-nasu-zupanije-ka- brighter-cultural-points/220951/

March 22nd – 30th 2022

The Second Colony of Authors’ Comics and Illustrations, at SCC Gallery

  1. Kanal Ri, March 26th 2022, https://youtu.be/cYCTwcyJNSk?t=939, 12:39 min.
  2. Novi list, March 19th, 2022, https://www.novilist.hr/ostalo/kultura/izlozbe/kvarnerska-kolonija-stripa-i-ilustracije-pocinje-u-utorak-u-galeriji-studentskog-kulturnog-centra/
  3. Novi list, March 23rd,2022, https://www.novilist.hr/ostalo/kultura/izlozbe/kvarnerska-kolonija-pocela-izlozbom-preko-60-crteza-11-autora-i-autorica/?fbclid=IwAR1dtYz9tGYkAS7SzwXYJ9xz_rOXAOkyyUQKwyoUsBM-h9MD8nWr7fe8LCE
  4. Novi list, March 19th,2022., https://www.novilist.hr/ostalo/kultura/izlozbe/kvarnerska-kolonija-stripa-i-ilustracije-pocinje-u-utorak-u-galeriji-studentskog-kulturnog-centra/
  5. Kanal Ri, March 22nd,.2022 https://www.kanal-ri.hr/rijeka/izlozba-u-galeriji-sck-kvarnerska-kolonija-autorskog-stripa-i-ilustracije?fbclid=IwAR3LPhP0XnQybFjD1KAWMzVL1gbAWi53kVR1_5B3z1yBs9TSZuCJFuirqZY
  6. Teklić, March 18th,2022, https://www.teklic.hr/event/kultura/otvara-se-drugo-izdanje-kvarneske-kolonije-autorskog-stripa-i-ilustracije/219453/?fbclid=IwAR2tQbZFo8Rdv9aHBKMvkzmON0BlsMavveCP4R8eaQM5beJJO7OaoXQ2ZCQ
  7. Culturenet, March 22nd,.2022 https://www.culturenet.hr/hr/galerija-skc-gostujuca-izlozba-stripa-i-ilustracija/177898?fbclid=IwAR24MWCfeZ1ASX-gyLvUzej5ZQ_1um6acLO4gD0cmaFTiEW5SK7ExIrtwo8
  8. HRT Radio Rijeka, March 22nd, 2022 https://radio.hrt.hr/radio-rijeka/kultura/rijeka-hrvatski-ilustratori-i-strip-crtaci-u-galeriji-skc-a-6278555
  9. Studentski Kulturni centar UNI RI, March 17th,2022  http://www.skc.uniri.hr/kvarnerska-kolonija-autorskog-stripa-i-ilustracije/
  10. Studentski.hr, March 21st,2022,https://studentski.hr/vijesti/kultura/u-galeriji-skc-uskoro-gostujuca-izlozba-stripa-i-ilustracija
  11. Visit Rijeka, March 22nd,2022., https://visitrijeka.hr/vidi-i-dozivi/dogadanja/kalendar-dogadanja/73645/

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