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By adopting our decorative and useful objects, you participate in the implementation of our programs for young people with developmental disabilities and disabilities in psychosocial functioning. We will therefore give you one or more items that we made ourselves.

Work-occupation program „Ready, set, I’m working“ prepares young people with developmental disabilities and disabilities in psychosocial functioning for work in several ways:

  1. Inclusive volunteering; for example, our young people volunteer on recreational-humanitarian event „Homo si teć!“
  2. In special conditions in our center for work-occupation activities – in our DIP, and elsewhere.
  3. In the open labor market.

To ensure continuity of work as the most important precondition for the adoption of simple work processes, we must implement activities every day. Our goal is to satisfy the conditions for, first of all, recognition of status and financing social service providers, then a half-day stay and psychosocial support, and later the provision of housing for our DIP members. Our products made during our work-occupational activities are proof of progress, but also the involvement of DIP members in decision-making (planning, implementation and development), that is the active participation of DIP members in creating programs – because they also decide about what and how we will work, so with our professional support they are progressing more and more every day.

Help us with that by donating for our work, and we will give you some of our products that were made during our work-occupational activities. You can „adopt“ 1, 2 or more of the same or different products, donate us at least the stated amount for each of them or more, according to your own capabilities.

Below you can see 2D bar codes to pay for donations that you can scan through the mobile banking app. In the in-app menu, find the option ‘scan the payment card’ / ‘scan and pay’ / ‘scan 2D bar code’ / ‘picture and pay’ etc. The application will fill all the fields yourself. Dipovci thanks for the donation! 🙂

20 kn Donation:

25 kn Donation:

30 kn Donation:

50 kn Donation:

100 kn Donation:

Donation according to your own capabilities:


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  • Društvo za istraživanje i potporu je korisnik institucionalne podrške Nacionalne zaklade za razvoj civilnoga društva za stabilizaciju i/ili razvoj udruge.