Other research

Other research, analysis and consulting in the field in which we contribute to the improvement of the quality of public policies

We actively participate and gladly transfer the know-how to other organizations, on projects that contribute to the quality of public services, especially those related to young people. The approach we offer is based on the best practices and results of scientific research in the EU environment.

  1. DIP on the projects from the area of NEET groups – financed from the EU funds:




Youth centers fit for NEET, DIP is an expert collaborator on the ERASMS+ KA2 project, strategic partnerships for youth

  • The project “Information centers for young people suitable for NEET” was co-financed from the Erasmus+ program of the European Union, Key action 2 through the National Agency for European Educational Programs and Mobility, and was implemented by the Coalition of Youth Organizations SEGA from North Macedonia, the Regional Info Center for Youth Rijeka from Croatia and Stowarzyszenie Edukacja przez Internet from Poland. The goal of the project is to work on an innovative approach in identifying role models for informing young people about the needs of people in the NEET situation. Prevention should be a priority in order to avoid an increase in the number of young people entering the NEET situation and to break the intergenerational cycle of social exclusion. A proactive approach is needed by youth organizations to ensure early intervention, so as to avoid young people ending up in a NEET situation. By strengthening the capacity of youth organizations, youth work and other forms of inclusion, we will ensure the use of their potential to encourage the social inclusion of young people in the NEET situation. Promote and increase the availability of professional counseling and guidance adapted to the needs of socially excluded youth in all phases of their lives. Through TOT, young workers will be introduced to a new approach to informing young NEETs. Through the project, an online tool for young people was created.
  • The role of the DIP was to conduct research on young people in the NEET situation, to analyze the normative framework of public policies for young people in this area, and to prepare the results of the research for the final conference for young people in Rijeka.
  • https://www.facebook.com/YICfittoNEET
  • https://www.facebook.com/YICfittoNEET/videos/498558227301801/
  • https://www.facebook.com/YICfittoNEET/videos/490265334799901/


We are the professional collaborators on the project “The power of tolerance – prevention of corruption and violence in sport” which is carried out by the association Regional Info Center for Youth, Association for Youth Step Ahead, in cooperation with Transparency International Croatia and the Society for Research and Support (DIP), with the support of the Ministry of Social Policy and youth of the Republic of Croatia, Office for Human Rights and Rights of National Minorities, Government of the Republic of Croatia – development of research methodology, preparation of materials, analysis of data, writing of reports and recommendations, and creation of publications.


Professional collaborators on the EU project “Adriatic Youth Idea”, IPA program (HR-SI) – leader of the activity “Methodology of creating and creating a local action program for the youth of the City of Poreč” (collection of data for the creation, analysis of the capacity of civil society organizations (questionnaire), preparation of materials for workshops (focus groups) with relevant stakeholders; preparation of public discussions, analysis of collected data, preparation of the draft version of “Program for the youth of the City of Poreč)


Development of a methodology for data collection and implementation of the “Local Program for Youth” for the City of Poreč, EU project “Adriatic Centers for Youth” (networking and inclusion of youth), partners Slovenia, Croatia; member of the expert team for the development of youth policies

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