Personal info

Please, introduce yourself in a way that suits you the most. Also, please include the answers to the following questions in your CURRICULUM VITAE: 

  • Have you already volunteered in some program or project, no matter what it was about?
  • Have you encountered children or young people with developmental disabilities, behavioral disorders or other psychosocial functioning disabilities?
  • Have you had a friend that needs support and care?
  • What motivated you to apply to volunteer in our social service half-day stay and psychosocial support programs (Mentoring program “Life skill laboratory – FRIENDS”, work-occupational program “DIP’s Youth Club: Ready, set, I’m working!” or other projects and programs)?
  • Do you have a brother, sister or relatives with whom you have a quality relationship?
  • Do you have a good friend? Do you think a brother or sister, relative or good friend can help you grow up easier? If YES – in what way?
  • What are your expectations? What could you, as a „big“ (adult) friend/big brother or sister, give to a child or a person who needs support and care?
  • What will you „gain“ by volunteering in the program Friends or other programs?
  • List your characteristics that will help you become a friend to a young person with developmental or psychosocial functioning disabilities.
  • List your characteristics that could interfere with making friends.
  • What else do you think you need to learn to successfully participate in programs?
  • Are you ready to dedicate few hours a week to your new friend? If you can’t set aside a few hours a week, how many hours (approximately) a month can you volunteer? Are you ready to invest in a new friendship, even when it seems impossible? Will you persevere in that?
  • Are you ready to learn in an informal environment about children and young people with disabilities?
  • Please send the CV through this form as attachment!