Regional Youth Program of the Istria County

2017/2018 Regional Youth Program of the Istria County

The project “Regional Program for the Youth of the Istrian County” was implemented by the Istrian County, in partnership with the Association of Youth and Alumni FET from Pula (https://www.alumni-fet-drmijomirkovic.hr/regional-program-za-mlade-istarske-zupanije/)  and the Youth Association of Alfa Albona from Labin (https://www.alfa-albona.hr/regionalni-program-za-mlade/), which was created on the initiative of the Youth Council of the Istrian County. The project was financed with grants from the Ministry of Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy in the amount of HRK 52,500.00, and with funds from the Istrian County Budget in the amount of HRK 57,500.00.


The role of the DIP is to create a methodological strategy, draft a Regional Program for the IC community, analyze and interpret research results, and more. The author of the text of the Regional Program for Youth of the IC is Marta Berčić, and Bernard Šešo participated in the creation of tools and the processing of the results and other tasks.

The creation of the Program was initiated by the Youth Council of IC, and more than 500 young people; by cities and municipalities of IC. Educational and other institutions that work with young people in their programs, participated in the creation of the program as well. Several public forums organized according to areas of activity for young people were held, and the results of the research were discussed in most youth associations. The experience we had in working with young people is invaluable and has enriched our activities, and several young people from partner associations, as well as independent young people interested in analyzes and research on young people, participated in the creation itself.



At the session of the Assembly of the Istrian County, the Regional Program for the Youth of the Istrian County was adopted:  https://www.istra-istria.hr/fileadmin/dokumenti/novosti/sjednice_skupstine_2017/10/10-08-Regionalni_program_mladi.pdf.

And also: https://www.facebook.com/rpmiz/. 

Below you can find the links to some of the publications in the media that followed the creation of this program:


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