The First Kvarner colony of authors’ comics and illustrations

The First Kvarner colony of authors’ comics and illustrations

The First Kvarner colony of authors’ comics and illustrations, 2020-2021.

Vol. 1. 2020-2021: https://dip.hr/programi/prva-kvarnerska-kolonija-autorskog-stripa-i-ilustracija/

Participants: Marko Dješka art, Matija Pisačić, Ivan Mišković, Damir Stojnić, Lea Kralj Jager, Stjepan Bartolić, Antio Filipović, Ivan Marušić, Ivana Geček, Korina Hunjak and Damir Steinfl.


  1. exhibition of works by Croatian authors – 10 years of comics and illustrations according to the authors’ choice; 300 papers
  2. edition of the catalog of works from the exhibition, June 2021.
  3. colony – meeting and work of the author in Rijeka
  4. competition, 24-hour comic drawing


November 2021

24-hour comic drawing

The results are visible, the cooperation on the promotion of comics with Croatian author comics brings 24-hour comic drawing in Rijeka to our DIP. It was drawn at the locations of ZG-ST-OS-RI, but also online for all the cartoonists of the world. The recommendation was to draw from home and post the finished comic online via our platform. This year’s banner and logo were created by Ivana Geček. Share the info further. Visual by Ivana Geček


Works: https://dip.hr/24-satno-crtanje-stripa/


October 2021

The meeting of the authors of the “Kvarner Colony of Authors’ Comics and Illustrations” took place from October 21st to October 24th, 2021 in the DIP, Wenzelova 2/1.

We are very happy that we hosted authors of comics and illustrations from all over Croatia. You can check how and what we did at:


Kvarnerska kolonija 2021 – Dan #1


Kvarnerska kolonija 2021 – Dan #2

Kvarnerska kolonija 2021 – Dan #3

Kvarnerska kolonija 2021 – Dan #4


The Kvarner colony of author comics and illustrations consists of a series of activities with the following goals: to intensify work on the promotion of comics and illustrations in the Primorsko-goranska County and Croatia, to attract the audience and encourage the creation of new author ventures.

The exhibition of drawings by Croatian authors last year in Exportdrvo and the promotion of the catalog of works in this area (PGC) in July 2021 constitute a significant shift in the quality of cultural products and artistic expressions and their accessibility to the public. The exhibited drawings created in the last 10 years showed the wealth of Croatian comics and illustrations. Permanent proof of this value is printed in the catalog of works. We are proud that in these difficult conditions for culture in PGC and Croatia, we are organizing this Colony, live.

Authors who either lead larger projects of the Croatian comic scene or participate in their work are invited to this first meeting. The following will participate in the work:


  1. MATIJA PISAČIĆ, Sesvete, Zagreb, http://www.hfs.hr/autori_detail.aspx?sif=256


  1. MARKO DJEŠKA, Osijek or Zagreb, https://markodjeska.com


  1. IVAN MARUŠIĆ, Split, http://www.mojstrip.com/autori/ivan-marusic


  1. IVANA GEČEK, Varaždin, https://www.artstation.com/ivana_gecek


  1. STJEPAN BARTOLIĆ, Zagreb, https://zagrebcomiccon.com/uncategorized/stef-bartolic/


  1. LEA KRALJ JAGER, Zagreb, https://hr.linkedin.com/in/lea-kralj-jager-50084360


and our local artists from the Primorsko-goranska County:


  1. KORINA HUNJAK, Rijeka, https://korinahunjak.com




  1. IVAN MIŠKOVIĆ, Rijeka, https://hr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivan_Mišković


  1. DAMIR STEINFL, Opatija, https://damirsteinfl.blogspot.com


  1. Associate professor DAMIR STOJNIĆ, Rijeka, https://apuri.hr/stranica/3-stojnic-damir/


Most of the authors have exhibited at numerous domestic and foreign festivals and exhibitions and received numerous awards for their work. See you at the DIP!

We invite students and other interested citizens to respond to the invitation to participate in workshops for the public, which will be published on the Colony’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Kvarnerska-kolonija-autorskog-stripa-i-ilustracije-102812631635828 /?ref=pages_you_manage and this website: https://dip.hr/programi/kvarnerska-kolonija-autorkog-stripa-i-ilustracije/


The number of people who will be able to participate in workshops for the public and meet the authors is limited due to measures to protect against the COVID19 pandemic. Follow our posts! Application form: https://forms.gle/sMzQZijixFMFvcRo6


Work program (the work program is subject to change, which we will inform you about at the press conference before the Colony):

Date Activities Participants Venue
October 21st 2021


1. authors arrive by 4 pm

2. meeting of authors and hosts 4 – 6 pm

1. authors and guests

2. authors/participants and others

1. meetup and lodging according to reservations

2. DIP, Wenzelova 2/1

October 22nd 2021


1. walk around Rijeka with a guide, learning about interesting facts from the history of Rijeka

2. pause (lunch at the DIP)

3. from 4 pm to 7.30 pm work at the DIP

1. authors and Saša Dmitrović, Antikv Mali neboder

2. authors

3. authors and audience

1. meetup in front of HNK Ivana Zajca

2. Wenzelova 2/1

3. same

October 23rd 2021


1. from 10 do 13 pm, work at the DIP-u

2. pause (lunch at the DIP)

3. from 4 pm to 7.30 pm, work at the DIP

1. authors

2. authors

3. authors

1. Wenzelova 2/1

2. same

3. same

October 24th 2021


      Closing of the colony    


September 2021

We are preparing for the continuation of the Kvarner colony of author comics and illustrations: invitations to authors for the end of October, a weekend in Rijeka with authors, the creation of new works, some exhibitions… a little more and we have a whole program with authors.


July 2021

Copies of the catalog delivered to our donors

Today, July 28th, 2021, we finally handed over copies of the catalog to our donors, without which they would not have been able to print this cultural product. We hope that it will bring opportunities and additional motivation to the authors in their work. In the premises of our association, we are the president of the donor @Poslovni klub PartneRi, Mr. Boris Popović was handed copies of the catalog in order to disseminate this great overview of Croatian author comics and illustrations, as well as groups active in our comics scene. Thanks to PartneRI Business Club, Teklić, Primorsko-goranska County, City of Rijeka, Damir Steinfl, Damir Stojnic, Matija Pisačić, Novi list, Dubravko Mataković, Miroslav Sekulic-Struja, Irena Jukić Pranjić, KOMIKAZE, LAVANDERMAN. See you in the continuation of the Kvarner colony of author’s comics and illustrations in the fall.

The first round of the catalog has been sent to the authors by mail, and authors who have not yet submitted the address to which we will send them, please contact us as soon as possible to the e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected].

The promotion of the catalog of the First Kvarner Colony of comics and illustrations was held

On Monday, July 12th, 2021, we successfully held the promotion of the catalog of works from the exhibition of the 1st Kvarner Colony of author comics and illustrations, despite the high temperature, on the plateau in front of the Gervais Center in Opatija. We thank the guests for their presence and support: authors of comics and illustrations Damir Steinfl, Matija Pisačić, Korina Hunjak, Damir Stojnić, Deputy Mayor of the City of Opatija Kristina Đukić, representative of the City of Rijeka (head of the Department of Culture of the City of Rijeka) Ivan Šarar, director of the Opatija Festival Erni Gigante Dešković, media representatives and members of the program team of the Society for Research and Support (DIP)


We would like to thank PartneRi, Primorsko-goranska County and the City of Opatija for their financial support, and the City of Rijeka for their support in organizing the exhibition of works.

See you in the fall, we are preparing meetings with authors of comics and illustrations!


May and June 2021

After all the “birth pains”, the catalog is finally in print. The date of the promotion of the catalog will be announced at least 5 days in advance, and the authors and donors who made the printing of the catalog and the go-ahead of the Colony possible will be invited to the promotion.

The catalog of works of comics and illustrations from the exhibition is our debut in this area. Even though we are the publishers and authors of several publications in various fields, we have a lot of respect for this “addition” of ours, for the authors and their work, a lot of desire to really do this publication justice and show the world the wealth of comics and illustrations in our fields. That’s why we decided to publish this catalog in Croatian and English, to edit it without pretensions for it to be in the form in which exhibition catalogs usually are (a list of works with reviews by art critics or art historians), but instead, we left it to the audience and critics to judge, analyze and evaluate the comics scene and illustrators in one place. Likewise, we want this first exhibition, which is part of the program of the first Kvarner colony of authors’ comics and illustrations, to be documented so that future critics and art historians have a document that shows the work of several generations of authors, in the last 10 years, in one place. As we have emphasized several times, the exhibition from which the works for the catalog were selected did not have a curator, in the traditional gallery or museum sense, but that role was left to the authors. The authors have chosen 7 panels that represent their work in the last 10 years. The artistic director of the project chose 2 works each for the catalog. Creating the catalog had its changes, phases it went through, people who wanted to participate but couldn’t, and various other challenges that resulted in an extended deadline for publication. The persistence of Colony’s artistic director, Damir Steinfl, to arrange and organize every detail, to do everything to make the catalog as representative as possible, led to a product that will hopefully find its place in the public eye.

March and April 2021

Preparations are underway for the printing of the catalog from the exhibition, preparations for the organization of the colony and another setting up of the exhibition in another city in PGŽ. The printing of the catalog is planned at the beginning of May, as well as the promotion, and the colony, considering the protection measures, either by June or September.

The Kvarner colony of authors’ comics and illustrations has so far been co-financed and supported by:

  1. Primorsko-goranska County – public tender for financing events and projects in culture – priority of the creative industry for 2020 – HRK 10,000.00 for printing and preparation of works for the exhibition and other material costs of setting up the exhibition https://www.pgz.hr/ustroj/ administrative-bodies/administrative-department-for-culture-sport-and-technical-culture/
  2. Primorsko-goranska County – public tender for financing events and projects in culture – priority of the creative industry for 2021 – HRK 15,000.00 for fees to authors and organizers for the implementation of the colony and other material costs of setting up the exhibition
  3. City of Opatija HRK 10,000.00 from patronage and sponsorship funds, for compensation for the artistic director of the Colony and graphic design for the preparation of promotional material https://www.opatija.hr/hr/vijesti/novosti/javni-poziv—pokroviteljstva-i-sponzorstva11848.html
  4. PartneRI – Business Club HRK 16,000.00 for printing and graphic design and preparation of the catalog of the 1st exhibition of the 1st Kvarner Colony held from November 6, 2020. until 24.12.2020. in Exportdrvo. https://partneri.hr/kultura-umjetnost-i-drustvene-inovacije/
  5. Rijeka 2020 EPK – Exportdrvo provided non-financial support and provided exhibition space free of charge, as well as support in promotional activities. https://rijeka2020.eu/o-epk-projektu/obnova-zgrada/exportdrvo/
  6. Society for research and support DIP – HRK 5,000.00 for material costs, share in printing and graphic preparation of materials, for setting up the exhibition

The project team of the Kvarner colony of author comics and illustrations consists of:

  1. artistic director Damir Steinfl, independent artist – https://www.facebook.com/damir.steinfl
  2. project manager: Marta Berčić, prof., social worker, program manager at the DIP – https://www.facebook.com/istrazinvanieipotpora
  3. graphic preparation and production of promotional materials: Nela Bralić, bacc, art, https://www.facebook.com/istrazinvanieipotpora
  4. organizational support and exhibition setup. Karmen Vučetić, mag.psych, and Bernard Šešo, mag.psych.
  5. photographer from the DIP: Mirko Jovičić, https://www.facebook.com/mjovicicp . – https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100022317857944

Thanks to all the authors for their works, and thanks to the City of Rijeka for their support.


January and February 2021.

Preparations are underway for the design of the catalog of the exhibited works of comic book authors and illustrations that were placed at the exhibition as part of the 1st Kvarner Colony of Authors’ Comics and Illustrations, held from November to the end of December in Exportdrvo Rijeka.


The catalog will be printed no later than May 2021, and the funds for printing and graphic design are provided within the framework of the funding program for programs and projects of culture, art and social innovation promoted by the association PartneRI – Poslovni klub https://partneri.hr/kultura- art-and-social-innovations/ .




The first Kvarner colony of authors’ comics and illustrations begins with the opening of an exhibition of works by Croatian authors created in the period from 2010 to 2020.

November 2020 until November 18th, 2020.

In the media:

Radio Roža https://komikaze.hr/radio-roza-rijeka/?fbclid=IwAR14T4PMUk4IvfDVjVBQ8a6J81C5EFhNncuXZm5cvLnJ17AFmbej04x3OXA


Channel RI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qSQgf9-bS4 from the opening




Moja Rijeka https://www.mojarijeka.hr/otvorenjem-izlozbe-u-exportu-zapocela-prva-kolonija-autorskog-stripa-i-ilustracije/






Pod Učkun https://poduckun.net/video-foto-30-autora-i-300-tabli-stripa-te-ilustracija-predstavlje-na-prvoj-kvarnerskoj-koloniji-autorskog-stripa/


24 hours https://www.24sata.hr/lifestyle/u-rijeci-pocela-prva-kolonija-autorskog-stripa-i-ilustracije-726864


Novinet https://www.novinet.hr/objava/prva-kvarnerska-kolonija-autorskog-stripa-i-ilustracije


SEECULT.org https://www.seecult.org/content/prva-kvarnerska-kolonija-autorskog-stripa-i-ilustracije-ri


Torpedomedia https://torpedo.media/video-izlozba-radova-hrvatskih-autora-u-exportu-otvara-prva-kvarnersku-koloniju-autorskog-stripa-i-ilustracije/


Visit Rijeka



HRT magazine https://magazin.hrt.hr/675845/prva-kvarnerska-kolonija-stripa

Hrt Radio Rijeka https://radio.hrt.hr/radio-rijeka/clanak/pocela-prva-kvarnerska-kolonija-autorskog-stripa-i-ilustracije/249427/


Tportal https://www.tportal.hr/kultura/clanak/u-rijeci-otvorena-izlozba-i-pocela-prva-kolonija-autorskog-stripa-foto-20201106/print


Lanterna news https://lanterna.news/


November 5th, 2020 – the-first-Kvarner-colony-of-author’s-comics-and-illustrations-opens/




Vecernji list https://www.vecernji.hr/kultura/desetljece-hrvatskog-autorskog-stripa-u-rijeckom-exportdrvu-1444017


zgkult https://www.zgkult.eu/2020/11/06/otvorenje-izlozbe-radova-hrvatskih-autora-u-sklopu-prve-kvarnerske-kolonije-autorskog-stripa-i-ilustracije/


Slobodna Dalmacija https://slobodnadalmacija.hr/tag/kolonija-hrvatskog-autorskog-stripa-rijeka


The beat.hr https://thebeat.hr/events/74288/izlozba-autorskog-stripa-i-ilustracije


https://www.gosucker.com/1/Hrvatska/0/8/Istra-i-Kvarner/429/Novi-list/Otvorena-Prva-kvarnerska-kolonija-autorskog-stripa-i-ilustracije-Bogat-i- impressive-section-of-domeceg-author’s-comic-8673995.html


Voice of Istra https://www.glasistre.hr/kultura/u-rijeci-otvorena-izlozba-i-pocela-prva-kolonija-autorskog-stripa-678169


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Kistonline.eu https://www.kistonline.eu/kvarnerska-kolonija-autorskog-stripa-i-ilustracije/


Browse https://prelistaj.hr/autor-projekta-lavanderman-toni-faver-i-splicanka-sonja-gasperov-medu-30-su-sudionika-prve-kvarnerske-kolonije-autorskog-stripa-i-ilustracije/


Jutarnji list https://www.jutarnji.hr/kultura/art/od-chefova-u-gruboj-borbi-do-povratka-oca-s-ratista-i-odrastanja-siroceta-15002036


javnost.hr https://javnost.hr/autor-projekta-lavanderman-toni-faver-i-splicanka-sonja-gasperov-medu-30-su-sudionika-prve-kvarnerske-kolonije-autorskog-stripa-i-ilustracije


HINA https://www.hina.hr/vijest/10513804


Radio Križevci https://radiokrizevci.hr/2020/11/najava-radio-emisije-ne-dirajte-mi-krugove-br-1301/<


bacvice.com https://www.bacvice.com/u-rijeci-pocela-prva-kolonija-autorskog-stripa-i-ilustracije/


November 6th, 2020

We set up an exhibition of works by authors of comics and illustrations and opened the 1st Kvarner colony of authors’ comics and illustrations, giving thanks to everyone who participates in this project that is bursting with energy and enthusiasm. Thanks to the authors, especially Damir Steinfl, who was determined to show the richness of the comics scene as best as possible, but also to the DIP’s team Nela, Karmen and Bernard, and Barbara Babačić, without whom all this would not be possible, and to everyone who supports us. We opened the colony with the support of the mayor of the City of Rijeka, Mr. Vojko Obersnel, and the Primorsko-goranska County gave us financial support. We hope that it will serve as a springboard for all the comic scene actors and illustrators.

And also: https://www.novilist.hr/…/otvorena-prva-kvarnerska…/


The following works are exhibited at the exhibition:

Ivana Armanini

Simon Bogojević Narath

Sara Divjak

Marko Djeska

Mihaela Erceg

Dusan Gačić

Sonja Gasperov

Ana Gezi

Korina Hunjak

Irena Jukić Pranjić

Dragan Kordic

Darko Krec

Darko Macan

Ivan Marušić

Dubravko Mataković

Ivan Miskovic

Miroslav Nemeth

Branka Hollingsworth

Matija Pisačić

Miroslav Sekulić Current

Damir Steinfeld

Damir Stojnic

Danijel Žeželj


The following projects will be presented as part of the exhibition:



Oho ho


HRT, Radio Rijeka

HRT. recorded segment Good morning, Croatia, November 6th 2020.

HRT filmed a feature for a show about culture, November 6th, 2020.

Radio Laganini, recorded statement about Colonia, November 6th, 2020.

Pod Učkun

Novi list


Večernji list

Portal thebeat.hr.

November 4th, 2020

Press conference – announcement of the opening on November 6th, 2020, at 7 p.m. and the exhibition was covered by numerous media, thanks to all of them:

  1. Culturnet
  2. Moja Rijeka
  3. Fiuman
  4. Riječanin
  5. Novi list


The portals of the institutions, organizations and groups whose works we present have also been transmitted:

  1. Komikaze
  2. Academy of Applied Arts, University of Rijeka

We gathered about thirty authors of comics and illustrations from different generations and styles, so this exhibition represents a retrospective of Croatian creativity in this art form. Thus, the most important Croatian authors such as Dubravko Mataković, Miroslav Sekulić, Dušan Gačić, Danijel Žeželj, Darko Macan, Darko Kreč, Matija Pisačić, Irene Jukić Pranjić, Ana Gezi, Ivana Armanini, Simona Bogojević Naratha, Miroslav Nemeth, Branka Nikolić Hollingsworth will exhibit their works. , Sonja Gašperov and Ivan Marušića. Among the authors from Rijeka, Ivan Mišković, Korina Hunjak, Damir Stojnić and Dragan Kordić are exhibiting. New generations of authors such as Sara Divjak, Mihaela Erceg and many other authors whose works have been published in the OHOHO fanzine will also present their works. In addition to the above, there are also authors participating in the long-standing Komikaze project, led by Ivana Armanini, and authors from the Lavanderman project, led by Toni Faver.

We installed the works according to the author’s own choice in the industrial interior of the former warehouse, where many cultural and artistic programs have been held as part of the Rijeka 2020 EPK.

The goal of the exhibition and colony is to promote comics and illustrations, encourage and valorize artistic creativity, and shape the audience with the goal of encouraging the development of creative industries in the aforementioned areas of artistic expression. The purpose of this first Colony is to promote Croatian authors and increase the visibility of the artistic creativity of Croatian authors. The artistic director of the Colony is Damir Steinfl, a comic book author who has been running a comic workshop for children in Rijeka and Opatija for more than 10 years called “Create new staff!” as part of the work of the Association for Research and Support (DIP). The colony is co-financed by the Primorsko-goranska County.


Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Kvarnerska-kolonija-autorskog-stripa-i-ilustracije-102812631635828

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