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Social service Half-day stay

The social service of a Half-day stay is provided at the Daycare Centre “Friends”, Wenzelova 2, Rijeka.

According to Article 52, a Stay is a service that provides organized activities during the day with professional and other help and support, in order to meet the beneficiary’s basic and additional life needs that cannot be met in the family…. The stay service is provided to a child with developmental difficulties, a child without adequate parental care, a child with behavioral problems, a person who has been determined to be temporarily unemployable according to the law regulating the professional rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities, a person with a disability, an elderly person, a seriously ill adult, and a homeless person who is not placed in shelter.

The stay can last: a full-day stay from 6 to 10 hours a day and a half-day stay from 4 to 6 hours a day. We provide a half-day stay service from 4 to 6 hours a day. Our members are primarily young people who have left the education system, and who may or may not have been diagnosed with a developmental disability or behavioral disorder. Today, adults need support in order to be included in the community. Some grew up with us and became adults with disabilities, involved in the community. Their family members also need support, so working with family members is given special attention. This is so because we cannot succeed without each other!

Our half-day stay is specific and innovative for this region, rooted in the best practices and results of scientific research from the EU environment. The purpose of this service is socialization for independent living, in accordance with possibilities and training for work and employment. The third phase of it is independent living.

That’s why we won’t show you the “workshops” or activities” that we carry out, because they are only a tool for implementing an individual plan for each person, with individual and group work with and for the person, because these depend on the interests and possibilities of our members and the people we work for. These especially depend on cooperation with the family and, of course, the cooperation of the community. We also do sewing, gardening, Nordic walking, cleaning, and cooking workshops.

The service provider, DIP, meets the criteria for providing a Half-day social service from 2022 onwards, for adults with disabilities:

  • adults with mental impairment
  • adults with mild or moderate intellectual impairment
  • adults with severe intellectual impairment
  • adults with intellectual and mental impairment
  • adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), in accordance with the Social Welfare Act (“Official Gazette” no. 18/22 and 46/22 and the Ordinance on minimum conditions for the provision of social services (“Official Gazette” no. 40/14, 66/ 15, 56/20, 28/21 and 144/21.

The professional team consists of:

Silvia Marković, Master of Education, [email protected],  rehabilitator/work instructor/nurse

Bernard Šešo, mag. of psychology, [email protected], psychologist/rehabilitator/work instructor

Karmen Vučetić, mag. of psychology, [email protected], psychologist/rehabilitator/work instructor

Head of the social service of the half-day stay at the Friends Day Center: Marta Berčić, professor of sociology, [email protected]

Professional workers and associates: social worker, nurse/technician and others as needed.

Volunteers, interns (students) on professional practice from the University of Rijeka, ERASMUS+ exchange program, Univesita degli studio di Padova and other universities in the EU, students of the propaedeutics school (future psychotherapists).

We have gathered a number of experts working in different fields who work with people from the groups for which we act, as part of their workplace. In addition to cooperation in solving challenges and planning the well-being of our members, they selflessly and voluntarily provide professional and expert services to us as an organization, and to our members. This is how we open up new possibilities for faster, more efficient and more humane action, for the benefit of the people we work for.

Types of service / activities within the framework of the service we provide (according to the Regulations):

For adults with mental impairment: nutrition, care, health care, social work, work activities

For adults with mild or moderate intellectual impairment: nutrition, work activities, social rehabilitation

For adults with severe intellectual impairment: nutrition, care, health care, social rehabilitation, work activities

For adults with intellectual and mental disabilities: nutrition, care, health care, social rehabilitation, occupational therapy

For adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD): nutrition, care, support and health care; social rehabilitation, work activities.

Our program is planned with a holistic and individualized approach to the person and the entire environment, not only through the provision of support and care. It is an active approach to the overall development of the person and the environment in which they live.

Innovation is precisely in this set of individual plans that contain elements of plans for social interactions with the community, as well as creation of social support in the community.

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