The Local Youth Program of the City of Labin

2016/2017 The Local Youth Program of the City of Labin

The DIP experts participated in the creation of this strategic public policy document at all stages, from the project application to the development of a methodological strategy, the implementation of research and the creation of the final text of the document.

The author of the final document of the Local Youth Program of the City of Labin is Marta Berčić, and the collaborator was Bernard Šešo, along with other collaborators from the partner organizations.

Based on the collected data from more than 400 documents and other sources, over a period of almost a year, using qualitative, quantitative and participatory methods in the process of analyzing the problems and needs of young people of Labin, the document sets out basic guidelines for the development of youth policies in the City of Labin. The conclusions based on the results of these analyses are presented, and the purpose of the proposed measures is to plan the long-term improvement and change of the social position of young people in Labin, with an emphasis on the active involvement of all stakeholders, especially young people. In order to ensure the monitoring of implementation, indicators for monitoring (implementation) and success (results) are defined, and in total they form the basic guidelines for the creation of the action implementation plans.

You can find more about it here: http://www.labin.hr/Files/LOKALNI%20PROGRAM%20ZA%20MLADE%20GRADA%20LABINA.pdf

The holder of the project is the City of Labin, and the partners are the Youth Association of Alfa Albona, while the DIP created the methodology, organized public forums and other ways of structured dialogue with young people.

In the continuation of the project, we have created Action Plans for the implementation of the Local Youth Program on several occasions, using participatory and other methods and techniques, and Marta Berčić led the creation process, along with the analysis and synthesis of the results, with the involvement of the key stakeholders.

See also: https://www.alfa-albona.hr/lokalni-program-za-mlade-grada-labina-na-javnoj-raspravi-do-17-srpnja-2015/

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