DIP GREEN: “Day 2”

  • 08.04.2021
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It’s a sunny Wednesday. The temperature is +20°C and you might be wondering where we’re at? We’re working again on our eco garden in Viškovo. No, we didn’t spend this sunny spring day in one of Rijeka’s cafés. We were absorbing vitamin D, while working on maintaining our garden, which is part of the DIP GREEN project. Our young volunteers (Youth Workers), DIP members and the DIP Youth Club rolled up their sleeves and continued last week’s work. Volunteers Adam and McKay joined us as well and we would like to thank them for their help!

We divided ourselves into teams. One team continued to clean the terrain, which is still covered in various branches and thorns, that need to be cut off and gathered, in order for our plants and fruit trees to have enough space to grow and thrive. The other team worked on the first floor of our garden, so the flowers finally got their turn! We planted tulip bulbs, which will surely adorn that part of the garden, where we often like to rest, eat and drink something, but also hold birthday parties, when the epidemiological measures relax, of course. Besides the flowers, one team planted two Amarena cherry trees, which fruits we will surely eat once they mature. Or maybe even make some juice or syrup – what do you think?

And you know what? We received more seedlings for our garden. Thanks to Ivo Rajkovača, who gifted us with a couple of seedlings, which will surely enrich our garden and make it more colorful! A big thank you for your generosity and warm heart! You certainly made our today’s work day better!

Thanks everyone for your effort and excellent work! We did a great job! Now we can finally get ready for the upcoming holiday – Easter! You must send us pictures of your decorated Easter table.

See you again and get some rest!


Photos are available on this link: https://dip.hr/dip-green-day-2/.

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