WHAT DID WE DO LAST WEEK? October 16th – 20th, 2023

WHAT DID WE DO LAST WEEK? October 16th – 20th, 2023

  • 20.10.2023

Last week, we started joint gardening activities with students and staff from the Center for upbringing and education Rijeka.

We prepared the soil and the substrate for planting so that everything would be ready for our plants.

The soil is a living organism that needs to be reawakened and adapted to plants every year. It is under the influence of the weather, and the plants change their structure and composition, for the earth to recover from everything, it needs our help and attention.

Gardening activities have a positive effect on the development of new skills – responsibility, teamwork, handling gardening tools – they learn how to care for plants and gain self-confidence that comes from achieving their own goals and enjoying the food they have grown themselves. It also represents an opportunity to learn about the outdoor environment in a safe and pleasant place and to develop a love for nature and environmental awareness.

On Tuesday, we had modeling activity – we made wooden pendants that we will later decorate with the application of paint on a wooden surface, for which our employees have been trained in cooperation with the Croatian Photo Association.

After the modeling activity, we held a “Zumba” dance activity, where we exercised and relaxed.

Wednesday was reserved for an educational activity – “Safety during (weather) disasters – held by our Veronica.

In this activity, our members learned about safety steps and procedures during:

  • flood
  • fire
  • earthquake

On Thursday, we held music therapy “Drumming circle”. At our music therapies, we approach each member individually and allow them to express themselves through the drums.

On Friday, we concluded the “Body percussion” activity, which was held for us by volunteer, Lucija. This activity has numerous positive effects on body coordination, mental, psychological, social and cognitive development of our members, development of communication skills, and body language. We also celebrated our Gabriel’s birthday.


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