Together again and in even bigger number!

  • 23.10.2021
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It has been a long time since our last hang out, but we have welcomed that day when we gathered again and continued with our activities that we’ve been waiting eagerly. While we are diligently preparing our space and getting ready for moving out, our activities are being held outside.

On Tuesday, June 2nd 2020, our therapeutic recreation activity „Let’s go swimming“, that has been led by our volunteer Vinko Šešelj, has started on Kantrida pools. Being the first time after a long time back in the pool, we were so excited. It was hard not to hug and kiss because we were filled with happiness so we just ran into the water and enjoyed playing games in the pool.

Maybe you saw us yesterday, June 3rd 2020, at noon, walking from Korzo to the Terminal and our favorite promenade – Molo Longo with our sticks and smile on our faces. You got it – Nordic walking is here again, but this time we are not alone!

Yesterday, The Association of people with intellectual disabilities Srce Rijeka ( joined us. They work for people with intellectual disabilities in Rijeka and on improving the quality of their lives, but also the lives of their families. Their goal is to enable their members equality and social inclusion, so they decided to join us and be a part of Nordic walking that is, thanks to the project “Ri Urban Inclusive Walking 2020”, became the symbol of urban and inclusive walking. 

We gathered outside of our Association, prepared the sticks, and before that we repeated some basic rules that we need to follow in accordance with the protection measures during pandemic time. From DIP, through Korzo, to the end of the Terminal, our DIP members, members of the Association Srce and volunteers walked with full energy and will. At the end of the Terminal, we had a short break and a joined “picnic” so we could rest and gain energy for the return.

What should we say except it was playful, dynamic, energetic and fulfilling, so we decided to surely repeat something like that! Our new friends, even if they are older than our DIP members, but in quite similar social position, were very happy for this new experience and new friends!

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