DIP’s Youth Club “Ready, set, I’m working!”


DIP-ov klub mladih “Priprema, pozor, radim!” – for the exercise of the rights of young people with developmental disabilities and psychosocial functioning disabilities

Three-year program (2020-2023) social services network – P2 Problems and meeting the needs of persons with disabilities

Priority 1 – Prevention of institutionalisation and increasing social inclusion of users


Udruga osoba s intelektualnim teškoćama Srce Rijeka (eng. Organisation of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities Srce Rijeka): https://srce-rijeka.hr/o-nama/

Centar za socijalnu skrb Rijeka (eng. Social welfare centre Rijeka): https://www.css-ri.hr

Nastavni zavod za javno zdravstvo Primorsko-goranske županije (eng. Teaching Institut of Public Health of Primorsko Goranska County): https://www.zzjzpgz.hr

Duration: from June 1 2020 to May 30 2023

Types of services and activities: services that contribute to the prevention of institutionalisation of persons with disabilities and a greater quality of their life (social services in a broad sense – connecting with social services in a narrow sense)

  1. Stay (half-day stay) – social service in a broad sense for which we initiate procedures in order to become a social service in the narrow sense or to obtain a license from the competent ministry
  2. Member clubs (organized services that contribute to social activation, socializing, creative expression and participation in local community activities) and educational activities to inform users and their parents about social rights, on ways to preserve health or prevent disease in the specific conditions of each user – from birthdays to Nordic walking
  3. Psychosocial support for users and their parents – we employ 2 psychologists
  4. Acquiring new skills to increase potential of persons with disabilities for a more independent life and affirmation in society – we employ a leader of occupational activities and a psychologist, who both design programs
  5. Innovative social services and models of care in community that contribute to the independent living and social inclusion of persons with disabilities – we have a unique and holistic approach, individual and group work, we encourage inclusive volunteering and develop mentoring programs
  6. Work-occupational activities for the purpose of developing and preserving work habits and skills – employed leader of work-occupation activities and psychologists who design a rich work-occupation program
  7. Connecting and quality establishment, a communication campaign advocating interests and rights of the user group – we connect with related association Srce with which we exchange knowledge and experiences and together we advocate interests of our people for whom we work.

The program runs from June 1 2020 to May 31 2023, and by the end of February we are doing everything to get a decision from the competent ministry on having the conditions for the provision of social services, which is one of the reasons why we fought for a larger and more appropriate space. In order to meet Pravilnik o standardima za pružanje socijalnih usluga (eng. Regulation on Standards for the Provision of Social Services), we still have a lot to do that we cannot do without you:

  1. Have 3 toilets, 1 for employees and 2 for users
  2. Have a kitchen and dining room
  3. Have heating that we don’t have at the moment.

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