DIP’s Youth Club Activities – Ready, steady, work!! #stayathome June 1st – 6th, 2020

Distanced while social is an online version of DIP’s Youth Club. Bearing in mind the situation with the pandemic and the total shutdown that came in the spring of 2020, we had to discontinue the in-person workshops with our members for the time being.  In spite of it, we decided to rise to the challenge and adjust the DIP’s Youth Club activities to the situation at hand. Since the end of March through to end of June, we held our activities on every workday, from 11 a. m. to 1 p. m., in a private Facebook group called Volunteers, Friends DIP, and in this way, we ensured the continuity of work and better adjustment for our members. In total, 130 activities were held (educational quizzes, discussions, workouts, exchanging of photos and drawings- Zoom DIP’s tea parties, themed workshops dedicated to rules, health and English language). Sixteen volunteers participated in these activities. More on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zc3PzBFYuhY&t=3s


In an online quiz about Croatian National parks and Parks of Nature, the DIP members had a chance to learn more about different types of parks and ways to protect and conserve them. The goal of the quiz was to increase our members’ knowledge and understanding of these places. They loved the online quiz about the landmarks of many different European countries because it gave them an opportunity to learn about them. The quiz about the sea and its various inhabitants gave them a chance to learn about sea life, as well as different species who live there. Online quiz about traditional European cuisine helped our members learn more about different dishes and cultures of Europe. and increased their knowledge and understanding of European food. In an online quiz about pets. we had a discussion about different kinds of pets, their behavior and diets. The quiz about healthy diets such as those with lots of fruits and vegetables, educated our members about different kinds of these foods, as well as their functions in keeping our bodies healthy. The quiz about the Olympics and the Olympic sports, as well as the history of the Olympics, gave our members an opportunity to learn more about all of these. we also had a quiz about the universe, planet Earth and the Solar system, and we learned something about the planets, stars and celestial objects.


Our volunteer, Ivica, made sure that we keep both our bodies and spirits healthy, by conducting his online workout workshop. He adjusted the exercises to the individual needs and abilities of our members, so we stayed active even during lockdown. During our daily online meetings, we exchanged photos and drawings of various subjects and in this way, our members had the chance to practice their motor skills, be creative, show their talents and share their drawings with others.


We held thematic weeks:

English language Week

During the English language Week, several online activities were held in order to help our members with their English language skills. The goal is for them to have fun while developing their skills.

Health Week

During the Health week, we had online discussions, counseling and educational workshops to teach our members how to take care of their health.

Rules Week

During the Rules week, we had online activities, so that our members could follow up on some rules of etiquette, non-violent communication, as well as the rules in traffic. The goal was to help our members understand the importance of observing the rules of conduct and cultural codes in everyday life.


Our volunteers from Spain have organized an online activity called Counter boredom with singing, and they made all the boredom go away! The goal of this activity was for our members to relax and have fun, and it was a success!

We had a few online discussions on the topic of Helping those we share a household with, to give support to our members. For this occasion, our DIP members brought in photos of themselves helping in their households and doing chores.

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