Online activities #stayathome 2020

Distanced, but social is the online version of DIP’s youth club. Given the epidemiological situation and the complete closure that occurred in the spring of 2020, we had to stop working live with users for a while. Despite that, we decided to accept the challenge and adapt the activities of DIP’s youth club to the current situation. From the end of March until the end of June, we held activities in the closed Facebook group Volonteri Prijatelji DIP, which achieved continuity in work with our members and that facilitated adaptation to the new situation. In total, over 130 activities were held (fun educational quizzes, fun educational discussions, workouts, exchange of photos and drawings, Zoom – DIP tea parties, educational content, thematic week – rules, health, English), every working day from 11 A.M. to 13 P.M. A total of 16 volunteers participated in the implementation. You can see in more detail what it looked like on the link:

20.08.2020. Medicinal herbs

Yesterday, 20.8. we held another online activity, and the theme was medicinal herbs. Specifically, we solved the quiz about medicinal plants that grow in our area, find out what medicinal properties each plant possesses and for what purpose it is used. Many have already used some of the plants from the quiz, but there is always something new that can be learned. Our next task was to discuss herb and medicinal properties in the comments, and those who have gardens and balconies, including herbs, sent us pictures that we commented on together. Now all we have learned is that we need to transfer to our garden on Viškovo. ☘️🍃

19.8.2020. "Endemic plants in Croatia"

Hello, guys,
today we have a fun quiz about special and rare plants in Croatia. It’s time to learn something new, and along the way remember what we’ve already learned. Endemic plant species are especially important and when we encounter them live we have to keep and watch them because they are rare and there is a great threat of their extinction if we do not pay special attention to them. Enjoy the quiz, and after the quiz share with others your result and impressions of what you liked the most and which plant is your favorite.
Another task for today is to paint a beautiful flower or plant in your area and post a photo in the comments with a description of why you chose that particular flower.

14.8.2020. "ZOOM - Summer holidays!"

Hello everyone, it’s time for another online get-together. Since most of you have been or are still on vacation, your task today is to put in the comments a photo from the holidays, a selfie from the holidays or a picture of your favorite place where you were vacationing. ☀️☀️ We will comment on the photos a bit, we will be able to advise each other where it is nice to go to the annual, and maybe one of us will get an idea for next summer.

We are waiting for your photos from your vacation, so that we can all travel to some wonderful place together, at least in this way.

4.8.2020. "ZOOM - Birthday get-together"

At tuesday, 04.08., we had birthday ZOOM get-together. We had a really nice talk with our birthday girl Ele, we saw the birthday cake, heard how was Mia on her vacations and how is Filip who is still relaxing in beautiful Dalmatia.


8.7. 2020. ZOOM

19.06.2020. "Favorite excursion"

Today, for the end of our this weeks online activities, we’ve talked about our favorite excursions, we saw photos from beautiful places and we were looking forward to our Saturday trip to Labin.

15.06.2020. "Singing against boredom"

Today our volunteers Lucia and Laura have prepared a video for us in which they sing their favorite songs accompanied by a guitar, which brought us closer to the Spanish music and melody that could be heard in the dormitory during the quarantine. Beautiful! 🙂 

05.06.2020. "Traditional costumes"

At the end of this week’s activities, we learned something about traditional costumes and clothing items in different cultures. We solved the quiz and commented our results and some clothing combinations that we liked the most. Thanks to everyone who participated! See you next week!

04.06.2020. "Croatian traditional events"

Today we talked about traditional events in Croatia. We watched videos showing some of the events across Croatia, and then in the comments we talked about what we watched, as well as whether we visited any of those events or maybe have a desire for it. Also, we we’re guided by the questions asked by our volunteer Doris. 🙂 

1) What is Moreška and where is it held?
2) Where are the Days of Diocletian held?
3) What is the famous event in Rovinj?
4) Where is the famous folklore festival you saw in the video held?
5) What is the famous traditional event in Dubrovnik?
6) What game is Sinj famous for?
7) What does the famous festival in Lepoglava look like (What did you see in the video)?
8) In which city are the Days of Uskok held?

01.06.2020. "Getting ready for returning to DIP!"

Today we talked about rules regarding COVID-19 pandemic. Our volunteers Lucia and Laura made a video about it
( Good job girls!
After that we talked a bit via ZOOM about weekly activities. 

25. - 29.05.2020. "English week" - Day 5: Colors and clothing

Today we ended a week of online activities dedicated to learning a variety of concepts from the English language.
The last day of this week’s activities was marked by colors and clothing. Thanks to the volunteers and everyone who participated. This was a week of educational character, but there was definitely no lack of fun, laughter and ZOOM socializing. Enjoy the weekend and see you soon.

25. - 29.05.2020. "English week" - Day 4: Food in the countries of the Anglosphere

Today’s activity as part of the English Language Week was prepared by our new volunteer Matea! She made a quiz for us about food in the countries of the Anglosphere, and after that we had a Zoom call with her and our members where we went through all the words.

25. - 29.05.2020. "English week" - Day 3: Plants and animals

Today we continued learning English. We solved quizzes about animals and plants, and then we had Zoom, where we talked about new concepts.

25. - 29.05.2020. "English week" - Day 2: Basic English words

We dedicated the second day of English Language Week to learning some basic English words through a quiz, and then we shared our results in the comments and commented our answers! 🙂 

25. - 29.05.2020. "English week" - Day 1: English-speaking countries

Today we started another week of online activities and this time it is dedicated to English. In 5 days we will learn English, solve quizzes and talk in English. We hope that we will all learn everything new together, but also establish some previous knowledge.
We opened the week with a quiz and ZOOM that had the theme of an English-speaking country. With a lot of laughter, we managed to learn how to present ourselves in English and various greetings.

22.05.2020. "The sights of European countries"

Today we solved a quiz about the sights of European countries. We guessed in which country the landmark from the picture is located, and after that we commented our results on Zoom and said something more about each landmark. 🙂 

21.05.2020. "Zoom time"

Today we had a ZOOM meeting! We talked about activities and trips we could take – we all liked Plitvice Lakes! Also, everybody agreed they don’t like entering password before ZOOM meeting

Plitvice virtualna šetnja / virtual walk

20.05.2020. "The Sea and it's inhabitants"

Today we talked about the Marine world. We solved a quiz in which we learned something about the protected species of the Adriatic sea and unusual species of tropical seas, and then we watched a video on Zoom and talked about the relationship of man to the sea and its inhabitants and what we can do to protect them 🙂

19.05. "Back to the fairy tales"

Today we returned to the world of childhood and repeated our favorite fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. From each fairy tale we have extracted and learned the main messages that writers convey to us through them and that we can implement in our lives as well. Good always defeats evil!

18.05.2020. "Traditional European dishes"

We marked the beginning of this week’s activities with the theme “Traditional European dishes”. We solved the quiz and learned something new about various European dishes. Now we know that the original moussaka is made of eggplant and that it’s originally from Greece. We found out what sweet desserts we can taste on the streets of the Czech Republic, Germany or Portugal, but we also remembered some of our specialties such as the famous zagorski štrukli!
Then we all shared some of our favorite dishes and recipes in the comments, so if somebody doesn’t know what to cook these days, take a peek at our pictures and there will surely be something for your taste!

15.05.2020. "Superheroes and superpowers"

The topic of our online gathering today was superheroes and superpowers. We first solved a quiz in which we answered questions about the names of the superheroes in the picture, about the superpowers of different characters and about their specific characteristics. We commented on the results and discussed the topic. We also hung out on Zoom where we talked about the current topic for the day and about the plans for the weekend.


14.05.2020. "Pets"

Todays topic was pets!
We’ve watched a video about unusual pets like a pig, an owl, a goat and a rat, and after that it was time for a quiz in which we’ve checked what we all have learned from the video. In the second part of the quiz, based on the description, we were guessing which pet it is, and they all achieved great results. Finally, we’ve shared pictures of our pets in the comments, which you can see in our gallery! 🙂

13.05.2020. "Fruit and vegetables"

The topic of todays online gathering was “Fruit and vegetables”. We’ve solved the quiz in which we we were guessing which fruit or vegetable is described, and then we’ve tried to guess which exotic fruit was on the picture. In the end, we’ve commented our results and talked about this topic. 🙂

12.05.2020. "Olympics and sport"

Since the 2020 Olympics have been postponed, we decided to dedicate this day to them! We solved a quiz about the Olympics in which we checked how much we know about their history and some basic facts, and then we solved a quiz about various sports that can be watched at the Olympics.
Well done to all! They showed that they are true experts in the Olympic Games, and we can see that there are many athletes or at least sports fans among them.

11.05.2020. "Earth and the Solar system"

Today’s topic was the Universe, more precisely the planet Earth and the Solar system. We watched a few videos and solved the quiz and talked about what we had learned, which of us would like to travel into space and which planets we would love to visit!
While waiting for the opportunity to go into Space, we decided that we could visit the Astronomical Center 🙂

You can click on some links to watch some video about todays topic:

04. - 08.05.2020 "Week of rules" - Day 5: Manners

For the end of our “Week of rules” we had an activity about Manners! We watched two videos on the rules of good behavior with special emphasis on the rules that we especially need to follow when we’re in DIP, and then we solved the quiz to check what we have learned today!

We learned what 4 magic words are, how we should behave at the table, how polite it is to greet when we meet a person we know on the street and that it is very important to maintain hygiene for ourselves and for the others! Also, we have learned that it is important to share with others, help each other, and be good to each other.

Aleksandra’s video about behavior rules in DIP:


04. - 08.05.2020 "Week of rules" - Day 4: Traffic rules

4th day of this “Week of rules” we’ve dedicated to traffic rule and how we should react depending on the street sign. We’ve solved the quiz and together repeated and concluded that we should always respect the traffic signs! We have to be careful on the streets, both for ourselves and for others in traffic.

04. - 08.05.2020 "Week of rules" - Day 3: Behavior rules on Internet

Today we’ve talked about how should we behave on Internet. We watched 3 videos, after which we defined 5 most important rules:

  1. Do not swear, lie, insult, threaten or be violent to others.
  2. Do not introduce yourself by someone else’s name.
  3. Private conversations and discussions have in private messages.
  4. Do not reply to messages from strangers.
  5. Keep your personal informations safe.

Videos we watched today:

Polite behavior on Internet: 

5 advices for safe Internet use:

Cyberbullying prevention of violence on the Internet and social networks:

04. - 08.05.2020 "Week of rules" - Day 2: Nonviolent communication

Todays topic of the day was nonviolent communication. Here are the rules:
1.Talk calmly, do not raise your voice
2. If something is bothering you, you have to say it (I feel..)
3. If you are angry, count to 10
4. When somebody talks, everybody else listens
5. If nothing else helps, seek help from adults


04. - 08.05.2020 "Week of rules" - Day 1: What rules we already know?

Today we opened an educational week dedicated to the RULES. We started the topic with ZOOM talking about rules of conduct when using Facebook, and continued with a conversation about rules of conduct in DIP, emphasizing about how we should treat each other. So we repeated that we must not talk to strangers, whether through Facebook or live, and how to respond when and if we are approached by someone we do not know. We emphasized that we must be attentive to one another and be supportive of one another and that we must not allow anyone to treat us badly.

01. - 03.05.2020. "Extended weekend"

Since this friday was Labour Day, we didn’t have online activities, but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t have a task for our members took a picture of what they do for Labour Day and how they spend their time, and then they post a photo in our group. Some of them walked, some enjoyed the view from their balcony, some hung out over the Zoom and some enjoyed a delicious meal.

30.04.2020. "Let's draw together!"

Today was the day reserved for drawing. We relaxed by drawing with our eyes closed and ended another active and interesting week with a lot of color. Thanks to everyone who joined us in this week’s activities. 🙂 

29.04.2020. "Zoom time!"

Today we booked the time for ZOOM. It was loud, cheerful, emotional but also educational. Given that yesterday we had the opportunity to solve the excellent quiz about Croatian national parks, we felt the need to emphasize once again the importance of nature conservation. Through the educational video Eco Stories for Small and Large we reminded ourselves of the importance of separating waste, recycling and caring for the environment and nature that surrounds us. We also remembered and talked about what we in DIP do about ecology and sustainability. We must not forget that if each of us makes a small contribution to nature conservation, we will all together create a better world for ourselves and everyone else. Thanks to everyone who participated today. Take care of yourself and others, and of course, take care of nature!

28.04.2020. "Croatian national parks and nature parks"

Since lately we can not spend a lot of time in nature, today we spent some time in the nature, at least in our thoughts, and through quiz we learnt some new information about croatian national parks and nature parks


27.04.2020. "What made us laugh the most?"

Famous comedian Charlie Chaplin said: “A day without laughter is a day wasted.”
Today we talked about laughter, shared with each other what made us laugh the most these days. You told us about funny events, movies and funny videos that made you laugh. 😀 Besides lifting our mood and atmosphere with laughter, we also worked on our abdominal muscles as we did in workout led by our volunteer Ivica (before the activity)!

24.04.2020. "Movie day"

Last day of this weeks online activities was dedicated to movies, so we shared with each other some of our favorite movies. So, if you don’t know what to watch this weekend, feel free to check out our comments. There’s something for everyone By the way, check out some photos from Museum of Cinema, located in Torino, which was visited by our volunteer Sandra.

Also, the votes our counted and the winner is well-known Christmas movie Home Alone 1 which we’ll watch when we return to DIP!!

23.04.2020. "Little DIP's tea party

Little DIP’s tea party #1! Today we were Zooming with each other so we could see, hear and exchange with each other how we feel and how we spend these days at home. It was very nice, loud and dynamic
And no, we didn’t forget to practice today! Ivica had prepared a workout for us before tea party so we could wake up and recharge our energy for the talk. 


22.04.2020. "How well do we know northwest Croatia?"

Since some of our volunteers are from Varaždin, a city in North-West of Croatia, they decided to make a quiz about that part of Croatia. After we solved the quiz, we commented our results and shared with each other what suprised us, what we didn’t know and what we might like to know more about. We learned something new about that part of Croatia and we also watched a video about Špancirfest.

21.04.2020. "Stay positive!"

Today our Erasmus students from Spain have prepared an interesting activity for our members. They made a short video in which they, in a funny way, showed us what they do these days in isolation, and then we had to solve a quiz in which we we’re asked about some really, really small details showed in video. As always, we had a lot of fun and a great laugh! 🙂


20.04.2020. "I want, I want... a culinary workshop!

First we had a great workout led by our trainer Ivica, a then we had a get-togehter. Theme of today’s get-together was expressing our wishes when it comes to DIP workshops. We talked and commented about workshops which we would like to do when we return to DIP. Then, we combine our proposals in one questionnaire so we could all vote for the best idea. Culinary workshop got the most votes, so it means that it is going to be our first workshop which we’ll have when we return to DIP. 🙂


17.04.2020. Favorite TV shows and cartoons

Today we talked about our favourite tv shows and cartoons , and we got many interesting ideas:)
We shared our favourite characters and our favourite parts!????

16.04.2020. Zdravi DIPovci

26.03.2020. "Selfie of the Day"

Although the current situation doesn’t allow us to spend time together in our space in DiP, it doesn’t stop us to continue to spend our time together – ONLINE!
Our members shared their photos with us today but also told us how they spend their days at home. This is how we’ve been doing, and what about you?

27.03.2020. "Quiz about the City of Rijeka and search for photographs of our favorite place in the city"

The largest neighborhood in Rijeka? The symbol of Rijeka? The legend of the Trsat Stairs? Do you know the answer? We know now! For today’s online activity, volunteer Doris prepared an interesting quiz about the City of Rijeka in order to refresh our knowledge, but also to learn something new.
Then we all decided to share with each other photos of places in Rijeka that are our favorite. So let’s see!

30.03.2020. "Quizzes Guess who?"

Today we dealt with our hardworking volunteers! We have prepared two quizzes. We first checked to see if we knew the names of all the volunteers. This was followed by a quiz about interesting facts about volunteers based on which we had to guess which volunteer it was. In the comments, we shared our results and commented on some interesting and new information we learned.


31.03.2020. "In my free time I like to..."

Reading interesting books, cooking, solving crossword puzzles, enjoying series and movies, drawing, sewing, long walks in nature, hanging out with friends, karaoke, playing the piano… These are the activities that we, members of DIP, do in our free time and which we decided to share with each other to get to know each other better. Also, we used photos to show how we spend that time these days.

01.04.2020. "View from my balcony/window"

Our online activity today was marked by photography. Since we are all in our own houses and apartments, we have published a photo contest with the theme “View from my balcony/window”. We ended the competition with a poll and voting for the most beautiful view, which was won by our volunteer Alex. Thanks to everyone who sent their photos, who voted and thus participated in today’s activity.

02.04.2020. "Another day at home..."

Another day at home.. BUT NOT EVERYTHING IS BORING! At home, everyone made a video showing what they are doing at this time when we are all in our homes. At the end of the activity, we made one compilation of our videos that will be available for viewing soon!


03.04.2020. "Little DIP's time machine"

Hi everybody! You have probably seen that Facebook challenge about posting photos from the past. Exactly that is today’s online get-together theme. So, find an old photograph of yourself, one that you love the most and post it here in the group. We are online until 1PM, but you can post throughout the day. Impatiently waiting for those blast from the past photos!

6.4.2020. Workout with Ivica

Greeting! Tomorrow we have a new activity, training ( workout). The activity will start at 11am, it would be nice for you to join. Training will be simple and requires no extra equipment.

Video je dostupan na sljedećem linku:

6.4.2020. Quizzes Guess who?

Good morning! We hope you enjoyed our morning exercise with Ivica, we loved it – good job Ivica! 🙂 Now we have some quizzes for you. Rules are the same as always, take the quiz and post your result. What surprised you? Whose description did you guess right away? What did you learn today? We are waiting for your comments!

Pogodi tko? (Guess who?) 3:

Pogodi tko? (Guess who?) 4:

6.4.2020. Marta's birthday

Danas je poseban dan,

našoj Marti je rođendan!

Vjerujemo da ju poznaje cijela ekipa,

ipak je ona ikona DIP-a!

Uvijek pozitivna, nasmijana i vedra,

sve svoje obaveze odrađuje bez beda.

Osim toga, vrhunska je kuharica,

svojim specijalitetima svima mami osmjeh na lica.

Ali danas, Marta Berčić, daj si malo oduška.

Neka netko drugi malo u kuhinji i po vrtu šuška.

od srca ti želimo sretan rođendan

i jedva čekamo da u Udruzi zajedno proslavimo TVOJ dan!

Tvoji DiPovci

(autorica stihova: Aleksandra Ristić)

7.4.2020. Time for art

Good morning! Today it’s time for art! Let’s share our best drawings and artistic works!  These days are a great chance to wake up your artistic side! Take your paint box and let’s go!!!

8.4.2020. Helping our family members

The activity for today is helping others/family members! Helping is great for everyone – the ones we help and ourselves! It can be anything, like food preparation, room cleaning, taking care of your pets or anything else! In the comments put a picture or a video of you helping someone 🙂

09.04.2020. Workout with Ivica

Before the online activity, volunteer Ivica gave us a short morning exercise so that we could all get active and wake up together and be ready for further activities. So let’s see!:

09.04.2020. Trip around the world in one day

Today we had a lot of online activities! First we had a morning workout which was led by our volunteer Ivica. After a good workout, we got ready and traveled through various cities around the world. We solved some quizzes and tried to guess the cities based on some descriptions, and then we shared with each other some of our favourite places. As always, it was really active and fun, and now we’re sharing some of our photos so you can all feel our adventure spirit!

10.04. - 13.04.2020. Easter

The topic of the online activity that lasted 4 days was related to Easter! The topic was led by our volunteer Ana Maria, and below you can see how she introduced us to the topic. 🙂
That is why I would like each of you today to share with us your family’s tradition for Easter. What is your tradition? Have you started preparing for Easter and how are you preparing? We will extend this activity over the weekend so that everyone can take photos of the food they have prepared, and of course I would also like you to photograph yourself preparing something or helping your friends and family to prepare.
Before you start photographing and writing your traditions, you can read a few interesting facts about Easter
Eggs were often associated with festivals and the celebration of spring. Eggs symbolically represent rebirth and new life, and so appropriately become part of the spring celebration and the new life that comes after winter. It was common for eggs to be decorated during such celebrations and to be given to friends and family. The symbolism of rebirth goes in line with the spring celebration of Easter because it is a celebration of Jesus’ resurrection.
There are many legends about how the Easter Bunny came about. According to one, the fertility goddess Eostra transformed the bird into a rabbit. The rabbit was fast as a bird, but still disappointed that it was not a bird, so Eostra allowed him to lay eggs one day a year, just like a bird. Because of this, the Easter nest was later incorporated into the tradition.
I also found one interesting thing about Easter in Spain so our Erasmus girls can tell us if this is really like that : D
In Spain, Easter is called Pasha, and their tradition is that rafts with ornate figures representing figures from the biblical story of the Resurrection of Christ float through rivers and the sea.”

14.04.2020. Spanish quiz

Good morning!! Buenos días!!
Today we’ve checked how much we know about Spain. We solved a quiz prepared for us by volunteers from Spain and then we commented on our results in the comments.

15.04.2020. My favorite memory from DIP

This day was dedicated to our DIP – a place where we hang out, have fun, get to know each other, create and learn! We decided to share some of our favorite memories in DIP, and some of us even shared our photos in which are captured some of these fun and beautiful moments.

16.04.2020. Healthy DIP members

Today we had full body workout and after that we solved the healthy nutrition quiz. It was great and we are looking forward to the next day and some another great activities????????????

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