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Do you want to be a part of the change in a community you live in or beyond? Do you want to create with us a “community that cares”? Members of DIP are persons who have shared their knowledge and experience with other dear people who want to give support to our goals of action, and that is to improve the lives of marginalized groups and to exercise human rights in justly and inclusive society. Do you want to contribute to preventing marginalization and social exclusion of groups of citizens who need support? Each of us may need support at some point, and that is why we are here and our mission is to give social support to those who need it! Join and take responsibility for the changes!

Monthly membership fee is 100kn per “user”.

From the membership fee we fund the cost of utilities.

Thank you for paying your membership fee regularly.


General payment information (in the post office or bank):

Društvo za istraživanje i potporu (Name of organization)

Wenzelova 2/1, 51000 Rijeka (Address)

IBAN: HR7123600001102394295 (ZABA) (Number of the bank account)


POZIV NA BROJ: 12345678 (Account number)

OPIS PLAĆANJA (Payment description): Članarina za tekući mjesec (eng. Current month membership fee)


Below you can see the 2D bar code to pay your membership fee, which you can scan through the mobile banking app. In the in-app menu, find the option ‘scan and pay’ / ‘scan 2D bar code’ / ‘picture and pay’ etc. – The application will fill in all fields except the amount – you fill it in yourself.

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  • Wenzelova 2/1
  • Rijeka, Hrvatska
  • OIB: 78171364712
  • MB: 4152115
  • IBAN: HR7123600001102394295
  • Društvo za istraživanje i potporu je korisnik institucionalne podrške Nacionalne zaklade za razvoj civilnoga društva za stabilizaciju i/ili razvoj udruge.